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You don’t have to be ex-service personnel to become a member. Anyone can join the British Legion Scotland Ellon Branch Club.


Membership of the Branch Club is open to anyone with an interest in the aims and objectives of Legion Scotland who want to help and support those who have served, and their dependants.


Or if you simply want to enjoy the facilities and activities offered by the Social Club, then come and join us


By joining you show your support for ex-service people across Scotland whether they completed their service yesterday or 50 years ago.

There are two categories of membership, Ordinary and Associate.


Ordinary for Ex-Service personnel.


Associate for non service personnel.


Current membership fee is £25.00 per annum.

See Below for a Link to the application forms.


  1. Admission to the Club with reasonably priced drinks

  2. Access to the Entertainment events (some events may be subject to an entry fee).

  3. Use of the Club’s facilities.

  4. Opportunity to participate in the Club’s sports sections and teams.

  5. Access to other Legion Clubs throughout the UK and many Ex-Service Clubs throughout the World.

Army Boots

Ordinary Member

To apply for Ordinary Membership, also referred to a Full Membership, you must be either ex-service or current service personnel and have served for a period of more than six months (At present our ordinary membership is made up from ex-servicemen and women, members of the Armed Forces, Reserve Forces, Cadet Adult Instructors, Merchant Navy, HM Coastguard, the Police, Fire, Ambulance and Lifeboat services, War Widows Associations, Women’s Land Army & Timber Corp, Royal Observer Corp and the forces of Allied Nations.)

Support Group

Associate Member

Associate membership is open to those who do not qualify for Ordinary Membership but support the policy, aims and objectives of the Club and agree to abide with any Rules and Regulations which may from time to time be made by the Club Management Committee.

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